Friday, 18 December 2015

Egg - Vegetable Stuffed Chapathy / Roti


Stuffed Egg – Vegetable Chapathy / Paratha:

Ingredients to make dough :
·        Wheat flour – 1 cup
·        Salt – as needed
·        Water as needed

Ingredients to make stuffing:
·        Egg - 2
·        Onion – 1 finely chopped
·        Grated Carrot –  3 spns
·         Grated Cabbage – 3 spns
·        Salt as needed
·        Chilli paste –  ½ to 1 spn
·        Salt as needed
·        Oil as needed

Preparation : (for stuffing )
·        Wash ,peel and chopped all the veggies.
·        In a bowl , beaten the eggs by adding little salt.
·        Heat oil in a pan , add chopped onions and saute till they turn transparent pink.
·        Then add  green chilli paste and all the veggies one by one and saute well.
·        Add enough salt , atlast add the beaten eggs, let it allow to solidify for few mins , then scramble the egg along with the veggies with ladle.
·        Allow it to cook along with the veggies for few mins. Check the salt.
·        Stuffing is ready.

Method :
·        Take wheat flour in a bowl , add water and salt.
·        Mix well. Add water a few tablespoons at a time and knead as soft and smooth dough.
·        Make equal lemon sized balls and set aside for 30 mins.
·        Prepare chapathys by rolling out a lemon sized amount of dough on a flour dusted surface.
·        Do it gently as it tends to tear easily
·        Then place the spoonful of stuffing on the top of the chapathy and spread it gently.
·        Then place one more chapathy over the stuffing and then gently close the edges of the chapathys by pressing  with your hands (by touching little water)
·        Heat dosa tawa , add the roti carefully, cook till it lightly turns colour, flip over and cook the other side till light brown spots starts appearing. Done!


Egg veg stuffed chapathy/roti is ready..serve hot with kurmas of your choice.. J

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