Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Gram Flour Murukku


Gram flour Murukku :

Ingredients :
·        Gram flour – 1 cup
·        Corn flour – 3  spns
·        Omam / Ajwain seeds – ½  spn
·        Cumin seeds – ½ spn
·        Salt as needed
·        Hot oil / ghee –4 spns
·        Red chilli powder   as needed( u can also add pepper powder)
·        Oil as needed for golden fry
Method :
·        Sieve the flours to avoid impurities.

Preparation :
·        In a bowl , mix all the ingredients like gram flour, corn flour, salt   , cumin , chili powder and 3 spns of hot oil / ghee.
·        Mix well everything and make a thick sticky dough by adding little water without any lumps.
·        Heat oil in a  pan, squeeze the dough through the single star shaped Murukku  press.
·        Just do circles.wait for few secs till the dough cooked well.
·        Flip it , when the oil sound subsides, take out and drain in the kitchen towel.
Then break it into pieces. Done 

Yummy Murukku  is ready J 

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